yaml-combine-maven-plugin is a maven plugin which provides a pre-processor for combining YAML source files, before those files are then used to generate even more code using the swagger toolchain.

This plugin exists mainly because $ref references are only allowed in one or two places in the swagger spec, and you may want to import objects in other locations.



yaml-combine extends the swagger interface definition language with a new $xref referencing method, but it is not limitted to just processing swagger files.

Details on using $xrefs can be found on the github README.

Some more specific use cases are described in the examples below.



To use this plugin, include it in your project model


                  <!-- can supply multiple files here or filespecs; e.g. *.yaml -->
              <!-- use this file as the input to the codegen goal -->


yaml-combine is licensed under the Simplified BSD 2-clause license.

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